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Our Mission…
The mission of JOBS, Inc.
is to assist individuals in
creating a meaningful life
filled with purpose,
connection, and personal achievement, while
respecting the values of each
individual and preserving a
person’s right to choose.

Our Vision and Plan…
JOBS, Inc. has a long-term
goal to protect and nurture
the dignity and self-respect
of every individual. Through team work, interest
exploration, personal
discovery, and making the
most of every situation,
JOBS will create an environment that promotes
a rewarding life.
JOBS, Inc. provides employment
assistance and socialization support for those
individuals with a disability. J.O.B.S. was
founded in 2003 in Missoula, Montana by
Michelle Pickell, owner and President.
Michelle, whose 20+ years of experience
working with the disabled includes 12+ years
as a Certified Employment Specialist, began
J.O.B.S. specifically as a placement service
for the deaf and hard of hearing, utilizing
her Sign Language skills. After finding
employment for many of the deaf and hard
of hearing, Michelle set out to expand her
business to include other individuals with
disabilities, which has also been a
great success.

Surrounding herself with qualified and highly competent staff, Michelle has built a team that
shares her dedication to the Mission and Vision
of J.O.B.S. Now expanding to offer educational
classes (crafts, cooking, fitness, sign language,
book club, etc.) for our disabled friends,
J.O.B.S. continues its commitment to quick
and successful placement of the job-seeking individual, and its dedication to improving the
quality of life for the people of Missoula and
the surrounding area.

Testimonial for J.O.B.S in MIssoula, Montana
"I am a motivational speaker and freelance
writer. I have passion and a purpose .... but
no plan. JOBS has helped me to create a
solid business plan which provides direction
for my business. JOBS will continue to
monitor my progress...Together we will
adjust and update my business plan as we
continue to work towards my success....
This gives me great confidence and belief
in my future....It takes away my fear of not
being able to maintain my business or
worries that everything could fall apart....
It is the very best feeling to be building a
solid foundation under my business....I have
security in knowing that I am not on my own....
I will continue to have the support and guidance
I need....This is particularly important to me
because of the challenges of living with a brain
injury still imposes on my capabilities. JOBS
has a full understanding of how to help me
overcome my limitations and manage
my special needs".

— Lois McElravy
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Upcoming Events at J.O.B.S in Missoula, Montana

Job Ready Missoula

President's Message - Michelle Pickell of J.O.B.S in Missoula, Montana
Michelle Pickell

"Quality of Life" - The quality of your life is the quality of
your communication. Most of us don’t realize that we communicate two ways, to others and most importantly
to ourselves. The way we communicate in those two areas greatly impacts everything we do, good or bad. Only 7%
of our communication is WORDS, 38% is TONALITY, and
55% is PHYSIOLOGY. This means that you can say
nothing and still communicate 93% of what you want to say.

If communicating with yourself is the most important, what
are you saying to yourself 93% of the time? After all, most
of us won’t admit that we talk to ourselves. Do you believe
in your potential or do you doubt your opportunities? Do
you strive for excellence or just take what comes?
Napoleon Hill says in Keys to Positive Thinking, "Most
people do not realize that they are thinking negatively
unless they make a conscious effort to inspect their
thoughts, actions and reactions."

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